Log Jam Surf Competition

Sitting here on the edge of the world I’m not sure how to start this post… Hawk is out running wild and I sit collecting my thoughts. Last Tuesday we departed from Folsom with no plans to look back anytime soon. (I promise we will come visit, Mom) We instantly knew we wanted some salty air to cleanse our souls, and our great friends wanted to join in on the fun! Rick and Kristen surprised us with a campsite at New Brighton State Beach Campground for 4 nights. We checked out of campsite #66 on Friday morning, but wanted to stay in town for another night because Fairy (aka Kristen) told us about a surf contest where only boards from pre 1970 with no leashes were allowed. We knew in our hearts we had to stay another night!

So to social media we went - asking for any tips on stealth camping, or a good driveway to park on for the night! The easy-going guys over at Van Café were quick to chime in, and invited us over to the shop to hang out and chat about good spots to stealth camp while the shop crew shared a take-out lunch brought back from a local burger joint. And they hooked up some T-shirts! RAD Van Café T-shirts with hand-drawn art! Thanks to Ralph we found the quintessential spot to sleep for the night that was in walking distance to Log Jam in the morning. What we didn’t know is that we were going to wake up to find the most beautiful ocean view looking down on the contest. We were stoked and so grateful for all the lovely people that gave us great tips! After we cooked breakfast on the coast we hunkered down Betsy Vanessa and started our walk towards Log Jam.

Log Jam did not disappoint. We met so many vibrant colorful souls that created a vibe that made everyone feel like old friends. We got to watch all different types of people grab a log and hit the waves. It was beyond inspiring, and we both looked at each other and said lets stay another night! Our friend Marissa (aka Giggles) graciously offered us a flat driveway refuge, a clean load of laundry, and a warm shower for the night - so we knew the universe was in support of us.

We woke up early Sunday and headed to the beach for day 2 of Log Jam! With van-made coffee in hand we found a perfect nook on the beach to nuzzle in and watch the surfers for a while. A bit later, our tummies started to rumble so we headed back to Betsy for some lunch and a cold beer or two. On the way back to the beach the mighty eyes of Hawk made a connection with an old friend named Dan who said “Hey we got drunk in a snow cave together a long time back in Weed, CA.” With a tall guy hug that only tall men can understand out of the way, we quickly got to catch up and learned that Dan had started his own company called Khordz Mugs! The mugs are designed with Para-cord and glass jars in various sizes. We thought to ourselves - these are the kind of companies, and folks we want to help out - so we asked if Dan needed a hand with anything and to our delight he said “Yep, but I’m leaving for two weeks tomorrow, so you guys will have to come back into town.” The thought of that delighted Hawk and I as we have fallen in love with this town.

Wrapping up our experience at Log Jam we have nothing but supreme joy and a true love for the universe connections that surprise us in random places. Thank you Rick, Kristen, Marissa, Dan, the crew at Log Jam, and all the lovely souls we met this weekend. You guys have filled our hearts with love, giggles, and passion to create the best world possible.

Until we run into each other next!
Major Love,
Kenz and Hawk

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